A newsletter from the Financial Times is free and features stories selected by Roula Khalaf, the Editor of the FT. The writer, who is also the chief executive of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discusses the impact of climate change on low-income countries, highlighting the severe consequences and compounding crises they face. The article emphasizes the importance of the International Development Association (IDA), which provides low-cost loans and grants, and urges donors to increase their contributions in order to prevent cuts that could jeopardize the health and wellbeing of millions. The writer also underscores the vital role of IDA in reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in various countries, ultimately aiming for them to no longer need IDA funds in the future. The article calls for updates to the global financial system and emphasizes the urgent need to support low-income countries, concluding that leaders have the opportunity to safeguard the global economy and help achieve essential health and development targets.

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