The Gulf artificial intelligence company G42 from the United Arab Emirates is choosing to work with American hardware suppliers instead of Chinese ones to ensure its access to US-made chips. The company is making the move in response to concerns from its American partners, such as Microsoft and OpenAI.

G42 announced its intention to phase out hardware from Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, in an effort to maintain good relations with its American partners and in line with US rules on advanced chip exports.

The company’s decision to cut ties with China amid increasing competition between the US and China over AI technology underlines how collaborations between countries become complicated. G42 has formed partnerships with Microsoft and OpenAI to work on AI capabilities, but has also faced controversies linked to its relationships with China, such as the development of the UAE chat app ToTok.

The struggle for AI chips, especially those from US chipmaker Nvidia, has limited Abu Dhabi’s options to shift from its alliance with the US, despite the UAE’s pursuit of diversifying its telecommunications partners. The company claims that its “extensive network” of international relationships is similar to those of other global technology companies, including US companies, and that US reluctance to supply high-tech military equipment has given them no choice but to cooperate with China.

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