Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai spoke out against the Taliban’s policies in Afghanistan, especially those restricting girls’ and women’s rights in her annual Nelson Mandela lecture. She called for all countries to stand with Afghan women and not normalize ties with Afghanistan. Malala also urged Pakistan to support Afghan women and not normalize relations with the Taliban. She was deeply concerned about the mass deportation of Afghan immigrants from Pakistan and the impact it would have on Afghan girls’ education and rights. She also highlighted the need for girls’ education in Pakistan, where 12 million girls are currently out of school. She emphasized the importance of policies supporting 12 years of education for every child, as education not only empowers girls but also helps the economy, peace, climate change, and poverty reduction. Malala also addressed the issue of women’s voices being suppressed and emphasized the need for laws to protect women and hold violators accountable. She expressed pride in the work of organizations in Pakistan fighting for women’s equality. The complete interview was published in Dawn on Dec 7.

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