The southern coast of India was hit by a cyclone, causing heavy rain and flooding in Chennai. 13 people have died and many more are stranded in their homes. Rescuers are using boats and rafts to help people. Air force helicopters are dropping food rations to those in flooded areas. The flooding has caused damage to roads and uprooted trees. Some manufacturing facilities, like those producing Apple iPhones, had to halt their operations due to the rain. The city’s infrastructure is being questioned, and the Chief Minister has requested funds for the damage. Experts believe that even with better drainage systems, the flooding would have still occurred during such heavy rains. This reminds people of the extensive damage caused by floods in the past, and raises concerns about the city’s ability to handle extreme weather. The cyclone also hit Andhra Pradesh, causing road damage and uprooting trees, but the damage was not as severe as in Chennai.

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