Several groups are criticizing the Biden administration’s approach to regulating artificial intelligence (AI) for not addressing its impact on climate change and its use in spreading disinformation. The groups have written a letter to the White House urging the administration to include more climate-centered policies in its AI executive order. The letter was signed by seventeen groups, including Accountable Tech, Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, and Greenpeace USA. The letter accuses the administration of neglecting AI’s role in spreading disinformation on climate and the significant energy cost of training large language models. The administration’s executive order does mention climate and directs government agencies to consider using AI to combat climate change. However, the groups are calling for requirements for companies to report energy use and emissions throughout the AI life cycle and to provide public explanations on how models produce information. They also want the government to study the effect AI has on the spread of climate disinformation and implement safeguards around the mass production of disinformation. The executive order also directs the development of technical reporting standards for large AI developers.

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