The content talks about a family feud over the management of a company called Hankook & Company, which owns Hankook Tire & Technology. The older brother is teaming up with a private equity firm to increase his stake in the company. The private equity firm, MBK Partners, is offering to buy shares of Hankook & Company at a price higher than the current market value. This feud began when the father decided to hand over his stake to the younger son, causing conflict among the siblings. The older brother is now trying to challenge the current management due to a leadership vacancy and legal issues facing the younger brother. The success of this upheaval attempt is not guaranteed, as the younger brother holds a significant stake in the company. Shareholders have the option to subscribe to the tender offer through a brokerage firm. The situation has caused the company’s share price to fluctuate, and the expiration date for the tender offer subscription period is December 22. The settlement date is December 27.

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