Arthur Stewart was shocked to find that a package he returned to Amazon had been resold in a liquidation store with his personal information still visible. He is not alone, as many Amazon shoppers had the same experience. Some shoppers are worried about identity theft, as their names, addresses, and even phone numbers were visible on the packaging. These items came from online retailers like Amazon, suggesting that their privacy measures aren’t adequate. Teresa Coppens, for example, was surprised to see her personal information still visible on a box at one of these liquidation stores.

Top Binz has claimed that they will now be more careful in ensuring that all personal information is removed from products before selling them. Amazon has stated that they expect liquidators like Top Binz to remove personal information before reselling their products and say they are disappointed that this may not be happening.

The situation has raised concerns about how online retailers and the companies that handle returned items are handling personal data. The federal privacy commissioner and Amazon have vowed to investigate the matter. Although the Privacy Commissioner’s office hadn’t received any complaints, they are following up on the matter.

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