Many government employees are facing long delays in getting their residential plots from the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) and Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF). Projects like ‘Green Enclave-I’ and ‘Green Enclave-II’ are facing significant setbacks, leaving many employees and retirees waiting for years without getting their plots. The Capital Development Authority’s housing projects in Sector I-12 have also been delayed for over three decades, causing frustration among lower middle class allottees.

The FGEHA director has acknowledged the delays and stated that the authority is monitoring the contractors to ensure they meet their deadlines. Many employees have expressed disappointment and frustration at the slow progress of these housing projects, especially when compared to the efficiency of private sector housing schemes.

The current Director General of FGEHA, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, has taken strict notice of the delays and has directed all stakeholders to expedite the development work. However, some issues between companies and contractors have caused delays, but the situation has improved due to frequent meetings held by the DG.

Overall, there are major delays in various housing projects, and government employees are still waiting for possession of their plots after many years. The contrast between private and government housing schemes raises questions about the management and transparency of these crucial projects.

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