The COP28 climate talks in Dubai brought a lot of attention and criticism for the initiatives to clean up the world’s energy sector. The main announcements included a pledge by oil and gas companies to reduce emissions and a commitment by 118 countries to triple renewable energy capacity and double energy savings efforts. While some praised the plan, others criticized it for not going far enough to phase out fossil fuels. Additionally, the announcement of oil and gas commitments was seen as a distraction from a weaker industry pledge. Despite this, many countries are still pushing for greater efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and phase out coal power. The talks have sparked a heated debate about the effectiveness and ambition of the commitments made by both governments and oil companies. Overall, the response to the initiatives has been mixed, with some praising them as impactful, while others believe they are merely a form of greenwashing. The future of the summit and the success of the agreements will depend on further negotiations among participating countries.

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