At the UN climate talks, the US and over 20 other nations want to increase nuclear energy and reduce methane emissions. Nearly 120 countries have pledged to triple renewable energy within seven years. Leaders at the conference support plans to replace fossil fuels with solar, wind, and other renewables to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. Oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia did not join the pledge. Major oil and gas companies have pledged to reduce their emissions by 2050, but critics say it’s not enough. The US Environmental Protection Agency will tighten curbs on methane emissions. They also met with China to discuss curbing methane. Turkmenistan and dozens of nations have pledged to phase out coal power plants. Washington led a call by over 20 nations to triple nuclear energy capacity by 2050, but many environmental groups are concerned about the safety and waste disposal. US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a $3 billion contribution to help developing countries with energy transition. Pakistan’s Prime Minister called for the immediate execution of $100 billion commitments for climate finance and emphasized the importance of global resilience through action, not just words. He also highlighted Pakistan’s efforts to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

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