Google has made a deal with the Canadian government to pay $100 million to news outlets across the country. The government has introduced a law called the Online News Act, which requires digital platforms with many users and high revenues to pay money to news outlets. Google and Facebook are the only two companies in Canada that are affected by this law, and Meta has already stopped sharing links to Canadian news articles.

Google agreed to pay the $100 million and will continue to share links to Canadian news. The government said the money will be given to “eligible news outlets” based on the number of full-time journalists they employ. Google will also meet with “a single collective” representing Canadian media to distribute the funds.

The law says that all news outlets, including local, regional, and national, will be eligible for a share of the money. Legacy media like major broadcasters and newspapers will also be able to benefit from the compensation. However, there are concerns that minority language, community, Indigenous, and independent news outlets that employ fewer journalists may receive less money.

The details of how the money will be managed and distributed are still being finalized. The law will take effect in December, but the regulations are not published yet. However, the Canadian government has assured that concerns about the share of funds going to legacy media will be addressed in the regulations.

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