Research has shown that endangered green sea turtles spend a lot of time near people. They often travel to busy waterways close to cities. These areas have a lot of plastic and other litter, which puts the turtles in danger. Researchers don’t know why the turtles stay near the coast for so long, but they think it might be because of their food source, which could be jellyfish. Other species of turtles prefer to stay in open water.

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital has rescued and tracked 41 turtles since 2014. One of the turtles, named Tama, was brought in as a hatchling and had been feeding on plastic. The hospital has been treating her to prepare her for release back into the wild. The hospital is sponsored by Veolia, a company that manages waste.

If you find an injured turtle, it’s important to handle it carefully and call a vet or wildlife hospital for help. Don’t let anyone touch the turtle unnecessarily and cover its injuries with a clean material. Keep the turtle in a quiet place and transport it to the hospital as soon as possible.

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