The conflict between OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman and the company’s board is still unfolding. A report from The New Yorker alleges that the board deliberately excluded Microsoft after voting to expel Sam Altman as CEO. Microsoft executives were blindsided by the decision to oust Altman, and the board kept Microsoft in the dark to ensure that Altman would be surprised. The firing appeared to revolve around the debate over the dangers of AI and the belief that Altman had not been forthcoming. The board thought that Microsoft would understand their decision, but Microsoft had a different impression. Microsoft wanted to avoid anthropomorphizing AI and has integrated GPT into its products. Many at Microsoft found the OpenAI board’s decision “mind-bogglingly stupid.” In response, Microsoft created three plans, one of which was to eventually hire Altman and others to rebuild inside Microsoft. These actions were taken after the board’s decision to oust Altman and appoint a new chief executive.

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