The ruling against banning TikTok has given hope to Republicans and Democrats. They believe a more nuanced approach to addressing national security threats from foreign-owned technologies like TikTok is needed. The Biden administration’s review of TikTok’s national security is still ongoing. Efforts to ban TikTok stalled in Congress before the holiday season. The RESTRICT Act, backed by the Biden administration, aims to give them more power to block technologies tied to foreign adversaries. However, it has faced criticism for giving too much power to the administration. Some senators are still pushing for an outright ban on TikTok, but experts believe that banning TikTok is unconstitutional. Montana passed a law banning TikTok, but TikTok filed a lawsuit against the ban. Montana is still reviewing its options. Experts believe that the likelihood of success for Montana is low, and an outright ban on TikTok is not a good option for the federal government.

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