Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti spoke about the representation of separatist voices in Pakistan’s assemblies. He also mentioned the impact of propaganda in certain parts of the country. Bugti’s remarks come in the context of a missing persons case being heard by the Islamabad High Court. The Attorney General for Pakistan provided information about the case, stating that 22 missing students had been recovered, but the whereabouts of 28 others were still unknown. Bugti also mentioned an intelligence-driven war led by the Indian agency RAW and the delicate nature of the missing persons issue. He highlighted that the commission had resolved around 85% of cases related to missing persons. Bugti also discussed Pakistan’s deportation drive, particularly mentioning the number of Afghans living illegally in Pakistan. He emphasized the need for proper documentation and procedures for immigrants. Additionally, the minister addressed the involvement of the RAW in attacks against Pakistan, pointing to an Afghan national’s involvement in a specific attack. Bugti’s statements provide insights into the current political and security situation in Pakistan.

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