Today’s top stories include updates from the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, where negotiators are discussing ways to limit global warming and phase out fossil fuels. The UAE has pledged $30bn for global climate solutions, but many believe the pledges from rich nations fall short of what is needed. The summit also faces criticism for the involvement of lobbyists and the host’s ties to the oil industry. In other news, the UK and Europe see signs of stabilisation in property markets, while Eurozone inflation falls and China’s manufacturing activity shrinks. Additionally, billionaires have inherited more wealth than they’ve created for the first time in nine years.

In the technology and science world, the UK Biobank is set to publish genetic data to boost drug development. Google DeepMind has discovered new crystal structures with potential applications, and a newly launched competition aims to encourage breakthroughs in health technology.

Good news includes the discovery of a long-lost species of mole in South Africa. You can also try your hand at solving the FT’s daily crosswords.

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