Strategically important countries? became the first man in America to never hold elective or judicial office. Growing up in Bavaria and arriving in the US after World War II, he disliked democracy because it rewarded fascists. He described the history of states as the memory of states and embraced values that poets, writers, and philosopher-kings could support. Afterwards, he began work as a diplomat, and rose in prominence after fellow outsider Richard Nixon appointed him as Secretary of State, but not about much else. At times making controversial statements, he considered the public’s opposition and defended the military’s options. Despite his achievements, he was criticized for his actions. He sought “peace with honour” in Vietnam, but failed; wanted to stop the break-up of Pakistan, but achieved little success; also tried to restrain the Russians, but Reagan succeeded where he did not. Other people faced criticism for their actions. Even though critics acknowledge mass murder as a hazardous empire activity, they maintain that Kissinger was a failure based on his own amoral measures.

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