U.K. Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho has praised a U.S. green subsidy scheme, but there is a split within the Cabinet. Coutinho’s ally Prime Minister Rishi Sunak supports U.S. and EU efforts to increase green subsidies. In February, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch criticized the U.S. green subsidy scheme. Coutinho believes the increase in subsidies for clean technology is a positive thing as it will drive down costs. U.K. recently pledged £4.5 billion for subsidies, including funds for climate-friendly electric vehicles. Both Coutinho and Hunt agree that creating and exporting green technology is crucial for tackling climate change. Hunt believes the funds will also grow the economy and create jobs. They support the idea of more players innovating on clean energy technologies to reduce costs. This is in response to U.S. and EU increases in green subsidies. The Cabinet seems divided over how to respond to these U.S. and EU policies.

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