The Tesla Cybertruck has been delivered to its first customers, four years after it was announced. The pricing, range, and features have been updated. The rear-wheel drive version starts at $60,990 with 250 miles of range. The AWD version will cost $79,990 with 340 miles of range, while the tri-motor trim costs $99,990 with 320 miles of range. The truck’s infamous window strength demonstration was redone at the event, and the glass withstood the impact this time. The event was short, and only a few customers drove off in their trucks. The truck has been delayed due to its challenging production and polarizing design. Tesla expects to start producing 250,000 trucks annually by 2025. However, the design may turn off potential customers, and the market for electric vehicles is currently cooling. Despite this, the Cybertruck could be a big hit for sales, although it may not match the volume sold by other truck manufacturers. Tesla’s decision to enter the highly competitive truck market with a divisive design and difficult production process is seen as an odd choice. The industry has shifted towards bigger vehicles, particularly trucks, but Tesla may not benefit from this trend with the Cybertruck.

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