Today’s business headlines include Netflix urging the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to recognize its current contributions, the federal government buying Boeing surveillance planes, and stocks drifting in afternoon trading on Wall Street. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe also announced that the province will not collect the carbon levy on electric heat starting January 1st. The market close saw the TSX gain more than 100 points while U.S. stock markets were mixed. The federal government is buying at least 14 Boeing Co. surveillance planes from the United States to replace the aging CP-140 Aurora fleet. Netflix appeared at a hearing as part of the CRTC’s public consultations in response to the Online Streaming Act. They say the CRTC should recognize the funding they already provide. Lastly, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced that the province will stop collecting the carbon levy on electric heat starting January 1st, as many people in northern Saskatchewan use electricity to heat their homes.

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