Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar joined world leaders at the Dubai Expo City for a high-level segment at the 28th United Nations climate summit. The 28th UNFCCC Conference of Parties commenced in Dubai’s Expo City with 52,000 party delegates and 90,000 non-party delegates joining. The summit adopted the “loss and damage fund” to help poor nations cope with climate-driven damages. PM Kakar is leading the Pakistani delegation in the high-level segment and called for the immediate operationalization of the fund. He also emphasized Pakistan’s focus on transition to renewable energy projects. The prime minister pointed out that Pakistan was not primarily responsible for contributing to the climate disaster and emphasized the need for honest conversation and responsibility from wealthy nations. He urged for the fund to be utilized on merit and separate from development funds and loans. PM Kakar will attend the World Climate Action Summit on Dec 1 and 2, along with several other Pakistani ministers. He also highlighted the potential for renewable energy projects to attract interest from countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Western side. The prime minister emphasized the need for an honest conversation and called for wealthy nations to take responsibility for their contributions to the climate crisis.

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