Industrialists in Karachi, Pakistan are protesting against a significant increase in gas tariffs by the government. They estimate that the city could face a daily export loss of $47 million due to this hike. The industrial bodies are demanding that the government bring down the gas rates to the levels approved by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. They are urging the government to reduce the tariffs to Rs1,350 per mmBtu to make it more affordable for them to continue operations. The business community is concerned that the higher gas tariffs will burden industries and make it difficult for them to compete in the international market. They are also calling for a meeting with the government to address this issue and are threatening to shut down production if their demands are not met. This protest has garnered the support of various trade associations and business chambers in the region, who are joining in the call for lower gas tariffs. Overall, the industrialists are appealing to the government to reconsider the gas tariff hike in order to prevent further economic losses and ensure the continued operation of industries in Karachi.

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