The Election Commission of Pakistan has published the final list of constituencies for the national and provincial assemblies. The National Assembly has a total of 266 general seats, 10 reserved seats for non-Muslims, and 60 reserved seats for women. Each province has a different number of seats, based on its population. In total, there are 593 general seats in the four legislatures, as well as 132 seats reserved for women and 24 seats reserved for non-Muslims. The number of seats for some districts has changed, and some tribal districts have gained seats. The ECP’s decision has been criticized by electoral experts, who believe that the law on delimitation is not being followed properly. There have been many objections to the delimitation, particularly from Punjab. The ECP insists that it has followed the rules for allocating the seats. Overall, the prospect of general elections in February 2024 is looking brighter after the publication of the final delimitation list.

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