After being fired, Sam Altman was asked to return as CEO of OpenAI by the company’s board. Initially feeling defiant, hurt, and angry, he eventually decided to return based on his love for the company and the progress they were making on their mission. He now awaits an independent investigation by the board to understand the reasons behind his firing. During an interview, he declined to talk about the misunderstandings and reasons behind his sacking, wanting the review process to run its course. He also mentioned not wanting to interfere with the review and felt that it was unreasonable to expect immediate answers to the situation. Despite the uncertainty, he expressed strong support and commitment to the company’s mission and approach to safety work. He also mentioned feeling relieved that the company continued to function well in his absence, indicating that the team and leadership were capable. Although he did not have a concise answer to the lesson he learned from the saga, he acknowledged the company’s resilience without his direct involvement.

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