A security update is available for some Chrome users on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It fixes a vulnerability that could allow data theft and cyber attacks. Google confirmed the exploit in a stable channel update. The vulnerability was discovered by Google’s Threat Analysis Group. Details about the exploit are limited to prevent attackers from exploiting unprotected Chrome users.

The CVE-2023-6345 vulnerability allows hackers to remotely access personal data and deploy malicious code. It is an integer overflow weakness that affects the Skia graphics library within Chrome. The exploit allows attackers to potentially perform a sandbox escape via a malicious file. This can infect vulnerable systems with malicious code and steal sensitive user data.

If your Chrome browser updates automatically, you may not need to take any action. Otherwise, manually update to the latest version within the Google Chrome settings to avoid leaving your system exposed. The fix is rolling out over the coming days/weeks and may not be immediately available for everyone.

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