The article talks about a new startup called Software Applications Incorporated, founded by three ex-Apple employees. They aim to bring AI chatbots like ChatGPT into daily apps and data. The company’s CEO, Ari Weinstein, and his co-founder Conrad Kramer have been joined by Kim Beverett. Their goal is to recreate the magic of early computing and make everyday computing more flexible and powerful. They aim to develop generative AI for the desktop, with a focus on the Mac. The team hopes to hire up to 10 employees and have already raised $6.5 million in funding. The startup’s vision is broader than other similar companies and they see an open lane in the market. They are excited about the potential of generative AI and the possibilities it brings for desktop computing. The team left Apple to start this new venture because they were excited about working together again and the creative environment of a startup. The average interaction on a desktop computer is longer than on a mobile device, and the team is excited about the potential for saving people time with their product.

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