The Black Friday weekend is over and in South Africa, Pick n Pay shoppers bought a lot of air fryers while Takealot shoppers wanted Coca-Cola cans. Sales of air fryers at Pick n Pay increased five times compared to last November, while Takealot’s bulk shopping option, ALOT for Less, saw a 65% increase in sales. The most wanted item on Takealot was a 24 pack of 300ml Coca-Cola cans. Overall, air fryers and Coca-Cola cans were the most popular items this Black Friday. Customers at Pick n Pay were also interested in emergency rechargeable lights, Mecer Celeron Laptop, and other grocery and household items like cooking oil, toilet paper, soft drinks, and meat. Takealot also saw growth in monthly essentials such as groceries and large electronic items like TVs, laptops, and smartphones. The top products by units sold on Takealot included Coca-Cola, toilet rolls, brandy, and TV media player. The most popular brands on Takealot were Nivea, LEGO, Samsung, and Hisense.

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