Despite Busan’s loss in its bid to host the 2030 World Expo, Korean business leaders viewed its efforts as expanding opportunities in the global market. Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh was chosen to host the Expo, garnering 119 votes out of 165. Korean business leaders met over 3,000 heads of state and officials from 175 countries in the past year. Korean companies gained significant benefits in global markets and supply chains. Korea spent the least money among viable candidates. South Korea’s top conglomerates took part in the joint efforts to support Busan’s Expo bid and create new business networks. SK Group chairman Chey established a special office in Paris. Samsung Electronics chairman Lee traveled to many countries as part of the presidential delegation and emphasized Samsung’s connection with Busan. Hyundai Group chairman Chung also ramped up business ties with local businesses in the rallying process. LG Group chairman Koo rearranged plans to travel to Paris to support the delegation’s efforts. Other chaebol leaders also joined forces to support Busan’s Expo bid.

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