Chairman Imran Khan of PTI will not be contesting the intra-party polls due to his legal problems. Barrister Gohar Khan has been nominated for the position of party chairman in a temporary arrangement. Imran Khan was convicted in the Toshakhana case and has been facing legal challenges. He was convicted by a trial court for concealing details of state gifts and was jailed for three years. Imran’s sentence was later suspended by the Islamabad High Court, but he remains in jail for other cases. PTI aims to prevent any unconstitutional steps by the Election Commission of Pakistan and ensure participation in the upcoming general elections. Ali Zafar, speaking on behalf of Imran, announced Gohar as the nominee for chairman in a temporary arrangement.

However, there is disagreement within the party regarding Imran’s successor. Senior Vice President Sher Afzal Khan Marwat claimed that Imran had decided not to contest the polls, which was later denied by the party’s central information department. Despite the denial, Marwat stood by his statement and questioned the reason behind the contradiction. He urged the media to verify his statement with other party members present at the time of the decision.

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