Alexandra Ford is a survivor of human trafficking and now uses her experience to advocate against human trafficking. She is a mother and academic. She expressed frustration and anger after learning about the death of 12-year-old Carson Cleland who died by suicide after being the victim of online sextortion.
She highlighted the importance of having conversations with children about consent, healthy relationships, and boundaries from an early age to help them navigate difficult situations. She also warned parents about the risks of online predators and the need to talk to their kids about online safety. She also cautioned parents to be mindful of their own online presence and the example they set for their kids.
Ford emphasized the necessity of treating the internet as part of our lives and teaching kids how to use it safely. She suggested that parents gradually give children more autonomy in their online presence as they mature.
Following Carson’s death, the Canadian government promised to introduce online harm reduction legislation. If someone is in crisis and needs help, resources like the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Depression Hurts, and Kids Help Phone are available. For a directory of support services, people can visit the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention website.

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