Welcome to Trade Secrets newsletter! In this issue, we talk about the big COP climate change conference starting in Dubai and the concerns that trade and aid aren’t well coordinated with climate policy. We also assess the impact of new EU environmental trade tools on low-income countries. For example, Brussels has a new array of green trade measures that some countries are finding too complicated to comply with. The EU seems to be creating more red tape for farmers in the form of environmental regulations.

We also discuss the limited impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on currency markets and share news about foreign businesses selling their investments in China. Meanwhile, the US and the EU are planning to delay a bilateral trade and technology council.

In addition, we talk about China resuming exports of certain metals and a Swedish start-up’s breakthrough on sodium-ion batteries, which could impact the scramble for critical minerals. Finally, we share how Anglo American is hoping to conquer the world fertiliser market with a substance it mines from Yorkshire, England.

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