New developments have led to a new 7 Tesla MRI scanner that can provide 10 times the detail compared to older 7T scanners and over 50 times more detail than current 3T scanners. This high resolution device can help scientists study the brain in more detail, including neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s or autism spectrum disorder. This will allow for earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment for these disorders. The scanner will also enable researchers to understand how the brain processes information. The development was funded by the BRAIN Initiative of NIH and a collaboration between UC Berkeley and Siemens Healtheneers, MR CoilTech Limited and AMRIT. The new NexGen 7T scanner has been upgraded with better coils and magnets, making imaging even more precise. The improved resolution will allow scientists to study individual neurons in the brain and to understand how different areas of the brain communicate with each other. This new device can also aid in research to help diagnose and treat mental and neurological disorders better in the future.

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