The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) released data showing that the repatriation of profit and dividends by foreign investors in Pakistan was $272.5 million in October 2023, a huge increase compared to just $13.2 million in October last year. This is the highest amount since July 2020. The food sector saw the highest outflow of profit and dividends, with $57.1 million being sent out in October. The transport, power, and chemicals sectors also repatriated significant amounts. The relaxation of capital controls has led to this surge in repatriation, and it is expected to continue, improving investor confidence. On a monthly basis, repatriation increased by over 66%. In the first four months of fiscal year 2024, the amount of repatriated profit and dividends saw a significant rise of 581% year-on-year, reaching $485 million. The food, transport, petroleum refining, and financial business sectors saw the highest outflows of profit and dividends during this period. This rise in repatriation is seen as a positive indicator for the economy. The full article can be found at

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