The Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) is doing research to reduce the country’s dependence on imported onions. They are confident that their research and development activities will be able to achieve this goal within five years. This initiative was prompted by the increase in onion prices due to a 2020 flood disaster in India, which disrupted onion imports.

Mardi has successfully launched three varieties of red onions suitable for planting in different types of soil. These onions have qualities similar to imported onions and are resistant to insects and diseases. Mardi plans to commercialize onion seed production starting next year and aims to expand onion cultivation areas for interested farmers throughout Malaysia.

The goal is to expand onion cultivation to 100 hectares by 2030, with the potential to reduce the country’s dependence on imported onions by producing 320 tons of onions within five years. This initiative aims to ensure food security and boost the country’s economy. For more information, you can visit UTUSAN’s website.

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