Japan plans to join a project to clear land mines in Ukraine. The project, led by the US, will involve Japan’s Self-Defense Forces providing mine-clearing equipment and training for Ukraine. Japan will also help enhance Ukraine’s cybersecurity. Japan cannot offer direct military aid due to its Constitution’s strict rules on weapon and ammunition exports. The US-led group holds meetings regularly, with Lithuania leading a framework to support clearing landmines and calling on other countries to join.

Japan has already delivered mine detection devices to Ukraine and conducted training programs for its demining personnel. Japan has also agreed with Cambodia to work together in clearing Russian landmines and unexploded bombs in Ukraine. About 30% of Ukraine’s territory is estimated to be contaminated by mines and unexploded ordnance, and it is expected to take at least 10 years to eliminate them. Japan, along with the United States and other Group of Seven industrialized nations, has maintained its support for Ukraine while imposing economic sanctions on Russia for the invasion since February 2022.

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