The Green Party has decided to back the use of facial recognition technology (FRT) after previously opposing it. This comes following the recent riots in Dublin in which police officers needed more support. A government source stated that the Justice Minister believes officers should have clear guidance on the use of force when necessary. As a result, new laws are being put in place to allow gardaí to use bodycams, and updated policies on the use of force during unrest will be created. The Green Party previously opposed using FRT, but now will support its use under certain circumstances with the proper safeguards. The party had previously blocked efforts to bring in FRT. However, negotiations have led to an understanding with Fine Gael, and the Greens are now preparing for a separate draft law that will establish the circumstances under which FRT can be used. The bill involves safeguards to prevent real-time use of CCTV monitoring of past offenders. The new legislation on FRT is expected to be signed off by the Cabinet soon. The Justice Minister has also asked An Garda Síochána to speed up the purchase of bodycams and is pushing for more clarity and guidance on the use of force when needed by police officers.

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