Indian scientists in New Delhi are working on cloud seeding technology to help clean air pollution. This technology involves releasing common salt or a mixture of different salts into clouds, which encourages rain to form and help clear the smog. The toxic smog in New Delhi is causing serious health problems for the residents, with PM2.5 pollutants often reaching dangerous levels. The government has tried various measures to improve air quality, such as emergency school closures and banning diesel vehicles, but with little success. However, critics argue that cloud seeding is an ineffective and expensive solution to the pollution problem. They believe that reducing emissions at the source is a more sustainable solution. Despite the criticism, Indian authorities still see cloud seeding as a potential solution to the pollution problem in New Delhi. Other countries, like China, have also invested in similar cloud seeding technology, and scientists in western India have reported positive results. However, some experts warn that any relief provided by artificial rain is only temporary and that long-term solutions are necessary. Despite the challenges, Indian scientists believe that cloud seeding is worth trying, especially when other methods have failed to improve air quality.

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