The University of Moncton is developing new technology to detect and fight wildfires in Canada using artificial intelligence. The algorithm, which is being fine-tuned, works with satellite and drone images to detect fires more accurately and to predict where the fire will spread. After Canada’s worst wildfire season, experts are increasingly using technology like artificial intelligence to help manage and track wildfires. This technology uses data from various sources, including sensors and satellite images, to rapidly scan for signs of smoke or fire. The team at the University of Moncton is also working on models that predict fire spread and on using drones to fight fires. Currently, there is not enough information to make the models accurate enough, so they are working towards improving this. The Canadian Space Agency also plans to launch a satellite specifically designed to monitor wildfires, which will provide data to decision-makers within a half an hour. These new technologies will help firefighters to be better prepared and respond more effectively to wildfires in the future.

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