Hyundai Motor Group will start selling their cars online through Amazon in the US next year. Customers can buy vehicles on Amazon’s website from local dealerships, and have them delivered or picked up. The aim is to increase sales in the US market. Hyundai is offering dealerships an inducement to sell their cars, and is also negotiating with Amazon to see who will pay the sellers fees. Experts believe the move to sell on Amazon will help Hyundai increase its sales in the US. However, Hyundai might not make as much profit on electric vehicles as other companies like Tesla, because they sell directly to consumers online. Hyundai’s US subsidiaries have seen a decrease in sales this year, so this new online sales initiative could help them recover from the decrease. The move will also improve customer experience by eliminate the need to haggle with dealers, and it could reduce price markups. If successful, Hyundai could improve its sales volume on Amazon during times when customers are not visiting dealerships.

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