The top diplomats of South Korea, Japan, and China agreed to work towards holding a trilateral summit but did not specify a time frame. The meeting in Busan, the first of its kind in four years, aimed to determine the time frame and agenda for the summit but ended without a specific agreement. The three countries aim to enhance trilateral cooperation, focusing on areas like people-to-people exchanges, science and technology, and sustainable development. The meeting also addressed the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula and global issues. South Korea’s foreign minister highlighted the threat of North Korea’s nuclear development, and the three ministers agreed to continue communication on the issue. The discussion also touched on bilateral ties and mutual interests, such as addressing pending issues between South Korea and Japan. They also discussed the recent ruling on “comfort women,” prompting a backlash from Japan. The meeting concluded with a mutual dedication to fostering a future-oriented and constructive evolution of Korea-Japan relations. The three parties are considering scheduling the summit for early next year, and no specific date has been agreed upon yet. The summit aims to promote regional cooperation and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

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