Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa and South Korean counterpart Park Jin met in Busan. They discussed the recent court ruling in favor of former “comfort women” seeking compensation from Japan. Park said South Korea respects the 2015 bilateral accord, but also called for efforts to restore honor and dignity of the victims. They condemned North Korea’s recent military spy satellite launch and reaffirmed cooperation in addressing issues related to North Korea. They also expressed concerns about Pyongyang’s missile firings and confirmed close cooperation with the United States. Kamikawa criticized the Seoul High Court judgment and called for appropriate measures to remedy the situation. The court denied the application of “sovereign immunity” in this case. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation from Japan over treatment of women in wartime military brothels. Japan believes issues from its colonization of the Korean Peninsula were settled under a 1965 bilateral agreement and the 2015 accord. The ministers also met with China’s top diplomat Wang Yi. They are working together on North Korean issues, including arms trade with Russia and past abductions of Japanese nationals. Related news articles are linked at the bottom of the content.

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