Russian invasion of Ukraine led to thousands of cyberattacks on Europe’s energy grid. Industry leader warns of increasing danger and calls for urgent EU action. Attacks come from Russian Federation and non-democratic countries, aiming to cause havoc in democratic states. Europe’s energy sector is at risk, as digitalization of electricity networks creates more vulnerabilities for cyberattacks. Recent report shows that energy sector ranks below other sectors in terms of IT spending on cybersecurity. Europe needs to address the gaps in its cyber defenses, particularly for the interconnected power systems. While steps have been taken, the bloc still faces challenges due to outdated operating systems and lack of cybersecurity experts to match the growing cyber risks. The need for EU funding for cybersecurity initiatives in the energy sector is evident, as geopolitical instability serves as a catalyst for cyber threats to critical infrastructure. Ongoing threat of physical damage, such as the recent gas pipeline rupture in Finland and Estonia, compounds the cybersecurity concerns. Europe’s electricity networks are at risk and need to be better protected.

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