A huge fire in Karachi killed 11 people and injured five others. The fire was blamed on a short circuit and happened at a shopping mall in the early hours of Saturday morning. The building had no ventilation, smoke detector, fire alarm system, or emergency exit and the victims suffocated. The fire started on the fourth floor due to a short circuit and quickly spread.

Rescue teams and firefighters responded quickly, but faced difficulties due to the thick smoke in the building. The victims mostly worked in offices on the night shift and were affected by the fire on the fourth and fifth floors. This was the third fire incident in the building in the last two years.

Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister ordered a safety audit of all commercial buildings and public spots and said that fire incidents were happening due to the lack of inspections in the city. The Mayor of Karachi stated that the commercial building was located within the jurisdiction of the Cantonment Board.

The incident highlights the need for stricter safety measures in commercial buildings to prevent such tragedies.

Published in Dawn, November 26th, 2023

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