When you eat a big meal, signals from your stomach and brain usually stop you from eating too much. But, a team of scientists at UC San Francisco found that it’s actually our sense of taste that helps control how much we eat. The scientists discovered that our perception of flavor stimulates certain brain cells to tell us to stop eating. These findings could help make weight-loss drugs more effective.

The team also found that when food is put directly into the stomach, different brain cells are activated than when we eat normally. Brain cells in charge of controlling our appetite use signals from the mouth to slow down eating. This can make food less appealing once we’ve had enough. The researchers also discovered that certain brain cells are affected by signals from the gut, releasing a hormone associated with weight-loss drugs.

Understanding how signals from different parts of the body control appetite could help create weight-loss plans tailored to individual eating habits. The team plans to investigate how taste signals and gut feedback interact to suppress our appetite during a meal.

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