The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine has caused concerns about the impact on major infrastructure projects in the Middle East. These include the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC). CPEC, which aims to connect China to the Arabian Sea through Pakistan, is already in progress, while IMEC is still in the planning stages. However, the Israel-Palestine conflict has raised doubts about the future of both projects. The conflict could affect the stability of the region, disrupt energy and commodity markets, and impact global investment. Despite these challenges, both China and India remain committed to their respective projects. The conflict also has implications for the wider Sino-American rivalry, with the United States having to adjust its strategic focus. In summary, the conflict poses risks to CPEC and IMEC, but both projects remain central to the strategic interests of China, India, and the United States. Resolving the conflict is crucial for the success of these infrastructure projects.

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