Brown University’s Center for Career Exploration is undergoing changes to accommodate the growing demand for career services by students and parents. The University has remodeled and renamed its career center, doubling the number of career advisers. This shift reflects the increasing need for tangible returns on investment for a degree. As a new survey found that “career success” is a top reason for getting a degree. Other universities are also responding by enhancing career services, budget, and promoting career directors to higher leadership levels. The College of William & Mary recently added “career preparation” as a primary strategic priority that reflects the significant importance of career education in research universities. In response to growing competition, institutions are adapting to offer career advising to students as soon as they start their education. In order to integrate the career services into students’ lives, universities are dispersing advisers across campuses to counsel students with specific career interests, working with faculty to highlight what job skills students are learning. Another trend at universities is to assign career advisers to separate colleges, compelling students to avoid them. These changes make it imperative for universities to bake career services into their educational models, focusing on helping students understand the job skills they are learning. The emphasis on career services ensures that students will be better prepared for the job market after graduation.

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