Finland has seen a rise in migrants from Russia entering the country, leading to concerns about national security. More than 600 people without valid EU visas have crossed the 1,300km border. Finland has decided to close seven out of eight eastern border crossings with Russia for at least a month. The situation has led the Finnish government to accuse Russia of organizing and facilitating the entry of migrants as part of a geopolitical tactic. President Sauli Niinisto has called for an EU-wide solution to address the issue. The European Union has claimed that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko pushed migrants to Poland in retaliation for sanctions. Finland has also had a deteriorating relationship with Russia in recent years. This prompted Finland to begin building a barrier along its eastern border in anticipation of political pressure from Moscow. However, only 3km of the planned 200km fence have been completed so far. The situation has led to tensions between the two countries, with Russia protesting Finland’s partial border closure.

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