The Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box from Walmart is a great deal at just $20. It doesn’t have all the fancy features of higher-end devices, but it has built-in casting and Google Assistant integration. The Amazon Echo Pop is a colorful smart speaker that can play music, control smart home devices, and act as a Wi-Fi extender for $39.99. The Lego Piranha Plant is a cool replica for Mario fans for $59.99. The iPad (2021) is a versatile gadget for entertainment and productivity starting at $249.99.

The Roborock S8 is an advanced robot vacuum for $599.99, while the Blink Video Doorbell offers home security for $59.99. The Black & Decker Furbuster is a handheld vacuum for pet owners starting at $78.99. Apple’s AirTag helps users keep track of their belongings for $27.88. The Baboon to the Moon Fannypack is a durable and colorful option for $35. GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller offers a reliable controller for gaming at $69.70.

The Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy for skill building at $34.99, and the Amazfit Band 7 is a feature-rich fitness tracker for $44.99. The board game Evolution is a fun tech-free entertainment option for $44.95. The Magnetic Poetry Kit is a creative gift for $21.95, and a four-pack of succulents is available for $20. Beats Studio Buds Plus are high-quality wireless earbuds for $169.95.

Books like American Prometheus can be bought for $14.99+. The Dart Zone Max Outlaw is a fun foam dart blaster for $31.99. Hoto electric screwdriver is a convenient tool for small projects at $59.99+. Smart Wi-Fi plugs like the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini and Kasa Smart Plug can be purchased in a two-pack for $18.99 and $15.99+ respectively. Sonos Era 100 is an entry-level speaker from Sonos.

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