The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued to perform well, reaching an all-time high and staying above the 58,000 level. The KSE-100 index increased by 1.2 per cent to 58,899.84 points. This was supported by the expected inflow of dollars from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and positive economic indicators. According to Raza Jafri, head of equities at Intermarket Securities Ltd, the government’s focus on the economy may lead to a decrease in interest rates. He also predicted a multi-year rally in Pakistan equities, with the banking, energy, and construction sectors appearing attractive. However, Faraz Rizvi, Equity Sales Head, noted that despite the surge, prices remained relatively low. He also mentioned that the declining oil prices could benefit the Pakistan economy, but cautioned that the market was in an overbought scenario, suggesting a potential for a minor short-term correction.

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