The release of hostages in Israel and Hamas will not happen before Friday, according to Israel’s national security adviser and the US. The truce in Gaza is for at least four days, to let in humanitarian aid and free at least 50 hostages held by Hamas in exchange for at least 150 Palestinians jailed in Israel. The truce was expected to start at 10am today but there is a delay.

There was no let-up in the fighting early on Thursday. Attacks were reported in several parts of Gaza and sirens warned of incoming rocket fire from Gaza in Israel. Israel also appeared to continue its offensive in northern Gaza. Israel and Hamas need to agree on the release of hostages, and Israel has not yet received the names of the hostages slated for release by Hamas.

Numerous civilians are suffering due to the ongoing war, and families are desperate to see their loved ones return home. The US also hoped that aid would begin reaching Gaza in large volumes within the next few days.

The truce agreement, the first in a nearly seven-week-long war, was reached after mediation by Qatar and seen by governments around the world as potentially easing the suffering of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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